Conservatory and your Garden

A well constructed conservatory is a good home addition. This can not only provide more space, but also increase curb appeal and property value. So if you’re really serious about adding this new feature, here are some guidelines you can follow to avoid some common costly mistakes. Set clear objectives Knowing the purpose of this … [Read more…]

Pruning Roses During Summer Days

And since I have discussed some of the basic things when growing roses, here’s another helpful video clip when pruning roses during summer days. Pruning is very important to make your rose garden stay healthy and fresh. Watch and take down notes. I highly recommend this video.

Starting a Rose Garden

And now for this portion, I will discuss some of the important things and tips for growing one of the most popular flowers, the roses. I just want to strongly imply that it doesn’t have to be complicated. Growing roses is not really rocket-science. Just like every plant, you need to give some tender, love, … [Read more…]

An Intro Blog for Everyone

Hello everyone! Welcome to my blog. I just want to introduce myself first—my name is Lauren McCarthy and gardening has become one of my favorite personal hobbies since I was a kid. It was my parents who introduced me to different gardening techniques. They also used to run various small businesses like a gardening shop, … [Read more…]